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Mental Training for Young Athletes

MT for Young Athletes is a group program covering the athletes’ mental preparation. The program is intended for young athletes (aged 10 to 14 years) and is conducted by one or more mental trainers. The program lasts for 2 months, during which athletes go through 8 workshops that last 60 minutes each. The group size ranges from 8 to 12 athletes.

*Currently, it is conducted ONLY in collaboration with sports clubs.

What does Mental Training mean for young athletes?

This program is organized for athletes from one club/team or for a group of athletes from different sports. The program can be conducted either at the club’s facilities or at the Mental Training premises.

n the MT program for young athletes, they go through fundamental mental preparation techniques such as goal setting, emotional regulation, thought control, relaxation exercises, visualization, and focus points.

Between sessions, athletes practice the learned techniques and skills of Mental Training as a form of homework and work outside the workshops.


It helps children enjoy sports more.


Monitors their work and progress over 2 months.

Directs children to improve engagement in training.


Provides children with tools to help themselves when things get tough.

Pobjednički stav

Teaches children a winning attitude.

Postavljanje ciljeva

Teaches children how to set goals correctly and maintain high-quality motivation.

Orients children towards positive sports habits.


Improves their self-confidence and performance in training and competition.

How has this practicum helped other young athletes?

"The atmosphere was great. It helped me concentrate during tournaments and get rid of stage fright. The focus points and rituals helped me the most. I also use rituals during training before sparring. But these techniques also help outside of sports, especially at school."

Paola Pap
Casper Taekwondo Club

"Mental strength - a very important thing in life, but also in every sport. You learn how to find a solution, not a problem. Mental training will help you improve your mental strength. From my perspective, I am very satisfied. I advise this training to everyone!"

Borna Devald
Tennis player, Orange Bowl champion

The education includes:

  • 8 hours of education
  • All materials
  • Certificate upon completion of the education
Kako se nositi s malim perfekcionistom? - 5 savjeta roditeljima sportaša

"Observing the growth and development of my son, and witnessing the constant increase in responsibilities both at school and in his chosen sports activity, I realized that besides family support, my son also needed additional professional support. At that moment, we immediately began researching, and fortunately, we came across information about MT."

Mother of a 10-year-old Athlete

What is done in the program and why is it good for young athletes?

Some studies show that nearly 75% of children drop out of sports after the age of 13. Training becomes less enjoyable for children, and competitions bring stress that they don’t know how to cope with. Children perform much worse in competitions than in training – they lack the skills to control tension and concentration. Through unsuccessful and stressful competitions, children build a negative self-image and develop a lack of confidence.

Mentalna priprema

Mental preparation

The program teaches fundamental mental preparation exercises such as relaxation techniques, visualization, goal setting, and many others.



Experiences are shared with athletes of similar age, and prejudices that problems only happen to them are broken down.

Učenje iz iskustva


Through the program, learning from other athletes is facilitated through the sharing of experiences.



Confidentiality is developed within the group in a special way.

8 sessions

The program consists of 8 group Mental Training sessions, each lasting 60 minutes.



Better connection among athletes within the group is fostered.

"In life, as well as in sports, self-improvement plays an important role. Therefore, I consider working on mental preparation essential in key situations. I would recommend Mental Training, not to everyone, but to those who want to work on themselves and become better."

Ante Budimir
Croatia national team and player of CA Osasuna

How to help your child become more successful in competitions?

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How has this practicum helped other young athletes?

"It was excellent. I came without any expectations. There were plenty of exercises and materials that I can use in my work."

Teo Ivančević
Casper Taekwondo Club

Who is the MT for children intended for?

Our experience shows that young athletes from both individual and team sports have progressed equally well in the MT program for children. Sharing knowledge, listening to examples from others engaged in the same or different sports greatly helps children.

For amateur, semi-professional, and professional athletes

The program is designed for amateur and semi-professional athletes who want to learn fundamental mental preparation skills. Children athletes aged 9 to 14 go through the MT program for children. The age group targeted by this program is the population of children entering the most critical years for quitting sports participation. Children at this age should either specialize as competitive athletes or recreational athletes.

Considering the organization of the sports system, recreational sports training is not the most developed branch. Often, during these years, parents and coaches notice that athletes put much more effort into training than into competitions. Motivation for competition often decreases, and soon after, motivation for training as well. Children in these years often struggle to cope with the challenges ahead of them.

How has this practicum helped other young athletes?

"I especially liked visualization, it helped me the most. I was injured while attending Mental Training. During rehabilitation, the techniques we worked on here also helped me a lot."

Karla Hogge
Casper Taekwondo Club

What do young athletes need to adopt to become "mentally strong"?

Fokus u ključnim trenucima

Focus in key moments

Children learn to maintain concentration in decisive moments of competition and thus achieve better results.

Rušenje barijera

Breaking personal barriers

Children learn about their own limits and how to surpass them.

Ostvarivanje ciljeva

Achieving set goals

Through personal development and learning, children achieve better results.

Smirenost pod pristiskom

Calmness under pressure

They practice finding calmness during competitions.

Consistency of motivation

By focusing on well-set goals, children maintain high-quality motivation.

Usmjerenost na nastupu

Performance orientation

With well-set competition goals and focusing on tasks that help achieve them, children achieve better results in competitions.

Frequently Asked Questions for MT for young athletes

Athletes’ tasks include regular attendance at mental training and completing tasks and exercises assigned by the mental trainer.

Each session with the group lasts for 60 minutes. The duration of the workshops is arranged according to the club’s leadership capabilities. The total duration of the MT program for young athletes is 8 sessions organized over 2 months (once a week).

The MT for young athletes is conducted by licensed sports psychologists with years of experience working with athletes.

Experience tells us that teams of athletes who have gone through the MT program for young athletes have progressed not only in mental preparedness but also in group cohesion. Sharing information and personal experiences promotes bonding among athletes and breaks down barriers.

This program is designed specifically for working with younger athletes, so that they can adopt fundamental mental preparation techniques through group work, which they can then use and apply as needed.

We strive to maintain occasional contact with each participant after completing the group. Some athletes have chosen to continue working on mental preparation through the MT Power program (individual mental training) after completing the program.

Additional work for athletes involves practicing and refining mental skills at home and during sports training and competitions. Athletes receive specific tasks and exercises to be performed to the extent and intensity agreed upon with the mental trainer. Some of these exercises include visualization, focus, and relaxation techniques. Mental training exercises that children need to complete between sessions are not time-consuming and typically last around 15 minutes daily on average. We believe that continuous work is the key to success in progressing in mental preparedness!

A young athlete who engages in mental preparation is not someone who is crazy or has problems. On the contrary, those who choose to undergo mental training are those who have a desire for improvement and enhancing their abilities. It is similar to other areas of sports preparation. In other words, those who attend additional conditioning training are not necessarily lacking in conditioning but rather those who aim for further improvement.

If the athlete adheres to our instructions and performs mental exercises at home and during sports training, changes are visible after just a few sessions.

When forming groups, we always take into account that children attending them do not differ too much in age. Additionally, the program delivery method and content are adapted to the children’s age.

The MT for children program is intended for both individual and team sports.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, online, at the bank, in cash, and through PayPal.

Our experience shows that young athletes from both individual and team sports have progressed equally well in the MT program for children. Sharing knowledge, listening to examples from others engaged in the same or different sports greatly helps children.

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