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MT Power Program - individual meetings

The MT Power Program involves individual work with a personal mental trainer (1 on 1) who monitors the athlete’s work and progress from the very beginning. Each athlete undergoes testing at the first meeting so that the mental trainer can better set goals and define areas for improvement. The areas covered include motivation, emotional control, and concentration.


Focus in key moments

Learn to maintain concentration in decisive moments of competition and achieve better results.

Efficiency of reaction in the moment:

A quick and decisive reaction is crucial in competition, and with this program, you can learn how to bring it about.


Consistency of motivation

Sometimes it's challenging to find motivation for further work, and it can affect the result.

Achieving set goals

Improve your training and invest in your personal development to achieve the results and goals you aspire to.


Calmness under pressure

Maintain composure during competitions to maximize your potential.


Performance orientation

Concentrate on the goal you set and achieve your best result in competitions.

"In life, sports, anything we engage in, the most important thing is to be a gentleman in victory or defeat. We all know how hard it is, especially when we lose. That's why I believe mental strength is crucial. Mental training teaches you how to manage your body, thoughts, and emotions, and that's why I think mental strength is very important for every moment in our lives. To behave sportsmanlike in those moments means to accept defeat, move on, and continue to work on ourselves to be even better, even stronger, to be the best version of ourselves! I DON'T BELIEVE IN LUCK, I BELIEVE IN HARD WORK."

Roberto Bartol
Six-time Croatian billiards champion and bronze medalist at the European Under-23 Championship.

What does the program implementation look like?

The athlete typically attends 1-2 meetings a week, where they practice various techniques and skills of Mental Training. They then continue to train these techniques at home and during sports training sessions until the next meeting with their personal mental trainer. In agreement with the athlete, the mental trainer follows the athlete’s sports training sessions or competitions and conducts situational training sessions.

One-on-One Work

Our experts work with you on an individual level.


Custom Mental Training Program

We tailor the entire program to you and the sports goals you have set for yourself.


Individual Tracking

We help you monitor your progress through the program.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Trust is our top priority to create a relationship in which we can work.

Regular Weekly Meetings

We continuously work on developing all of your potentials.


Collaboration between Mental and Sports Trainer

We work with your coach to improve your training and development opportunities.

"Mental strength - a very important thing in life, but also in every sport. You learn how to find a solution, not a problem. Mental training will help you improve your mental strength. From my perspective, I am very satisfied. I advise this training to everyone!"

Borna Devald
Tennis player, Orange Bowl champion
Mentalni treneri

Who is the MT Power program for?

The program is designed for amateur, semi-professional, and professional athletes who want to make significant progress in their sport. Athletes aged 10 and older go through the Power program because the work is tailored to their age, sports category, and the sport they participate in. The Power program helps anyone who wants to overcome obstacles in sports and/or find room for athletic advancement.

"In life, as well as in sports, self-improvement plays an important role. Therefore, I consider working on mental preparation essential in key situations. I would recommend Mental Training, not to everyone, but to those who want to work on themselves and become better."

Ante Budimir
Croatia national team and player of CA Osasuna

„I believe that every professional athlete should implement mental training; the sooner, the better. Sport has become a business in which only the best survive, so athletes often need help putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in their heads. It helps them bring out the best in themselves, both in difficult and standard moments of their careers. I am satisfied with my work and experience because it allows me to gather my thoughts, separate the important from the unimportant, and ultimately bring out my maximum potential."

Roko Leni Lukić
Retired Captain of the Croatian basketball national team

Frequently asked questions about the MT Power program

Athletes’ tasks include regular attendance at mental training sessions and completing tasks and exercises assigned by the mental trainer.

Each session with the mental trainer lasts 60 minutes, except for testing, which takes 120 minutes. The duration of the Power Program itself is between 8-10 sessions for younger athletes, while with professional athletes, the collaboration can last for years or until the end of their professional career.

So far, around 500 athletes of various ages and categories have gone through the Power program. Some of the well-known athletes are Ivana Habazin and Damir Martin.

The Power program is conducted by licensed sports psychologists with years of experience in working with athletes.

Since children of the same age vary greatly in their developmental stages, after the initial interview and several sessions, we will know if another program might be more suitable for your child.

Additional work for athletes involves practicing and refining mental skills at home and during sports training and competitions. Athletes receive specific tasks and exercises to be completed at the agreed-upon scope and intensity with the mental trainer. Some of these exercises include visualization, focus, and relaxation techniques.

Yes, online work is possible. Many of our athletes frequently travel or do not live in Zagreb. In fact, some are on completely different continents, which does not mean that work on mental preparation stops. We always strive to find the best way to support our athletes.

A sports person engaging in mental preparation is not someone who is crazy or has problems. On the contrary, those who choose to undergo mental training are individuals with a desire for progress and improvement of their abilities. Similar to other areas of sports preparation; do those who lack fitness or those who want even more attend additional conditioning training?

If the athlete follows our instructions and completes mental training at home and during sports training, progress is visible within a month or two.

We believe that an athlete is never too old to make a certain progress. Perhaps the progress would have been greater if the athlete had started earlier, but it’s better late than never. We have had several cases where professional athletes sought our support in their early thirties, almost at the end of their sports careers.

So far, hundreds of athletes from over 30 different sports have gone through this program. The Power Program is suitable for both individual and team sports.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, online, or at the bank, as well as in cash. Payment via PayPal is also possible.

Yes, more than half of the athletes we have worked with are involved in team sports. Ultimately, if each individual in the team performs their individual tasks well, the team progresses.


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