MT Practicum for Coaches

The MT Practicum for Coaches is designed for sports and fitness coaches who want to learn more about the mental preparation of athletes. The practicum is divided into 3 modules (Motivation, Concentration, and Emotion Control). Each module takes place in an evening session that lasts 3 hours. The mentioned areas are covered through theory and numerous practical examples by our mental trainers.

What is MT Practicum for Coaches?

Novi koncept

The new working concept with coaches

Many practical examples from real-life scenarios and working on own cases.

Praktična znanja

Practical knowledge explained through real-life examples.

3 hours of work, focusing on 3 key techniques per area, providing knowledge that you can immediately apply with your athletes starting tomorrow.

Working in small groups

Small groups enable greater sharing of experiences.

3 modula

3 separate modules

Motivation, concentration, emotions. Separate, yet interconnected in more ways than one.

How has this practicum helped other young athletes?

"This training is completely different because it's a mix of a little theory and a lot of practical knowledge, so people get something they can use right away in the next training session."

Andrija Gerić
Sports Psychologist and Volleyball Olympian

"It was excellent. I came without any expectations. There were plenty of exercises and materials that I can use in my work."

Lovro Vranić
Tennis Coach

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315 €

What practical experience do you get?

Modul 1 Motivacija


Goal Setting

Master the art of setting specific, outcome-oriented goals that will facilitate your work throughout the season.


Learn to apply techniques that will improve performance in training and directly impact the performance of your athletes.

Rewards and Punishments

Discover the best ways to motivate athletes and what to avoid in the process.

Modul 2 Koncentracija


Focus Exercises

Start using focus exercises to improve the perception, reaction, and control of your athletes.


Help athletes better control their performance through routines.

Focus Points

Improve your athletes’ focus on important aspects.


Breathing Exercises

Learn how to calm yourself and your athletes in critical moments.

Positive Self-Talk

Did you know that 2/3 of automatic thoughts are negative? Learn how to correct this in your athletes.


Recognize the state your athletes are in and teach them how to react in time.

How has this practicum helped other young athletes?

"I would definitely recommend this practicum to everyone,
not just coaches but to all open-minded individuals. The entire group and the lecturers left the biggest impression on me. I've heard many different opinions that are positive, and I've realized how we all look at things in different ways. I would highlight the relaxation techniques as the most applicable in my work. Athletes exposed to high levels of stress must find ways to relax to continue working and progressing in their sport."

Marko Krnjić
Football Coach, NK Rudeš

"I would recommend this education to absolutely everyone. In the coaching profession, we must prepare our athletes as best as we can. I've learned a lot of new things that I can apply both personally and with my athletes. It's great that we've done some exercises practically, not just theoretically, and I believe there should beeven more of that. My knowledge has expanded endlessly. I had insight into some aspects of mental preparation, but during this education, I've learned a lot more, and it has helped me personally and in working with athletes. I would recommend it to everyone. Come, listen, and you won't regret it!"

Ivan Sabol
Taekwondo Club Casper

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How will the MT Practicum for Coaches help you:

Primjenjivost u praksi

Applicability in practice

The possibility of use in both team and individual sports.

Bolji rezultati

Better results

By introducing small changes, you will achieve progress with your athletes.



You will know how to effectively organize your time and the time of your athletes.



You will develop a better relationship with your athletes.

Olakšanje rada

Work facilitation

You will learn how to help yourself and your athletes in your work.



The techniques are easy to master and apply.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MT Practicum for Coaches

Who hasn’t? More than 300 coaches from all over the world so far. We’ve held the education in multiple locations in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many well-known and lesser-known individuals, but let’s not list some to avoid offending others. Mostly, all promising coaches. Except you, of course!

We’ll answer with counter questions, after all, we’re psychologists. Does the learning process ever stop? How much has changed since the beginning of your career? Is it really time for you to stop learning something new now?

Of course, it is! We work with coaches of both team and individual sports; we don’t exclude any sport.

Regular price for our Workshop is 315€, but if you sign up early and take advantage of the Early Bird discount, you can pay only 283€. Payment options include bank transfer, online payment, or cash. Try persuading your club to cover the cost!

We used to have this option, but we realized that these areas are so interconnected that it simply doesn’t make sense not to receive all the tools. At the end of the day, are you half a coach or a whole coach?

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