Mentalni trening sportaša

Mental training for athletes

In Mental Training, we will help you to be maximally focused, control yourself in stressful situations, and maintain motivation at a high level.

If you don’t believe us, ask Dino Beljo!

"I believe that every player who wants to make a successful career should invest in and work on their mental preparation, especially young players like myself. Of course, experience comes with years, but in today's football, where everything is accelerated, every additional help means a couple of % higher in overall performance, which often makes a decisive difference."

Dion Drena Beljo
Football player for FC Augsburg
Croatia national team player

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"In life, as well as in sports, self-improvement plays an important role. Therefore, I consider working on mental preparation essential in key situations. I would recommend Mental Training, not to everyone, but to those who want to work on themselves and become better."

Ante Budimir
Croatia national team and player of CA Osasuna

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Every good story has many ingredients: a touch of madness, a lot of fun, even more enthusiasm, dedicated work, a few twists and turns, and the occasional rise, fall, and ultimate ascent. Just like all good stories, the story of Mental Training has all these elements. It’s a story that didn’t begin so long ago, yet it feels like we’ve progressed light-years since then.


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"To step onto the field and fight against the opponent, we first need to have our minds ready for the battle. Physical training is important, but perhaps even more important is the less visible one - mental training. I've come to realize it's not the stronger, more enduring, or faster ones who win, but rather those who are mentally prepared and continue their journey regardless of the circumstances. That's why I believe continuous self-improvement is necessary. Every day, we push our limits, take a step further, take a higher step, and mental training guides us through it all in the right way, reminding us to believe and to continue, even when things don't go as we would like."

Jelena Nikolić
Serbian volleyball representative, and silver medalist from Rio

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„I believe that every professional athlete should implement mental training; the sooner, the better. Sport has become a business in which only the best survive, so athletes often need help putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in their heads. It helps them bring out the best in themselves, both in difficult and standard moments of their careers. I am satisfied with my work and experience because it allows me to gather my thoughts, separate the important from the unimportant, and ultimately bring out my maximum potential."

Roko Leni Lukić
Retired Captain of the Croatian basketball national team

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