ENYSSP conference from the eyes of Mentalni Trening

This year the Croatian gang became a bit bigger at the 19th ENYSSP Conference in Tallinn. We were so full of experiences and emotions that we wanted to share it with everyone.

Another great thing is that we had three totally different perspectives, so prepare to dive into the world of ENYSSP from our eyes:


Not sure what I was expecting, but it was not this. It was much better than I had imagined!

The ENYSSP conference is not a boring convention with a million lectures and hard-to-understand theoretical models. There are some interesting, amazing keynote speakers with real-life advice and ways to become a better psychologist. There are also some great workshops where you can try things out with different psychologists and mental health experts and learn how things are done in other parts of the world. You will see interesting research posters and hear about the latest sports psychology research.

But the best thing of all is the people. It was difficult for me at the beginning. I thought everyone knew each other and that groups had already formed. But I soon realized that was not the case. Everyone is super nice, friendly, and happy to be there. People share their experiences, perspectives, and knowledge. The Management Council (MC) members, participants, keynote speakers, everyone. You quickly start to feel like a part of a large, knowledgeable, and positive psych community. And it feels amazing. You want to meet everybody, find out what they are doing, and how they are related to sports psychology. You hear amazing and inspiring stories and learn about colorful job positions and never-thought-out opportunities.

Yes, you learn a lot. But more importantly, you build your social and professional network and fill it with amazing people and stunning stories. In any case, you will want to come again, hang out with those inspiring people, and share your professional and day-to-day stories.


Returning attendee

Being a 5 time ENYSSP-er (if we can coin that into a word) in 7 years (yeah COVID messed things up a bit) is something that I am proud of. I guess my story is completely different than other people who ever attended ENYSSP conference, since the first one I attended was also the one I organized together with my colleague Sanja and the rest of organizing committee (OC) & MC.

But after that Zagreb conference I returned over & over again for the multitude of reasons. To name a few, first because of all the connections established across Europe, all those phenomenal colleagues. Secondly cause of sharing knowledge & experience, having a clear view of what are some of the hot topics in sport psychology in Europe. And third to broaden my knowledge & experience in the field. For me these reasons are enough to come back every year.


Luka Škrinjarić


This year was somehow different for me. Last year I became a part of the Managing Council in the applied department. That meant that I was now in the organization from the start. Usually, my part was just to sign up and show up.

My first year at ENYSSP was kind of a preview of what is waiting for me this time, since the first conference was the one we organized in Zagreb. But it is different to be the OC and MC.

During the conference we had to make sure everything ran smoothly and deal with any problem that occurred ASAP. That meant that, even though we were attending everything as anyone else, we had to be prepared to jump in if we are needed.

The beauty of ENYSSP is that you feel the love everywhere and in everything you do. No one will get mad if something isn’t as planned, everyone will give you the support you need and help you out in any way they can.

This year was special because of so many reasons. I can proudly say it was the best conference I attended and a very special one for me. I want to thank everyone from the MC, OC and everyone else who participated in any way in this year’s conference.

P. S. The sweetest thing in being in the MC is that I know where the conference is going to be next year!


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